Author Topic: How to handle errors on compiling OpenTSPS?  (Read 1978 times)

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How to handle errors on compiling OpenTSPS?
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:26:01 AM »
I am very interested in OpenTSPS, so I am going to compile it's code on windows.
But while I am compiling  , I am getting too many errors. I tried to handle that errors, but still 42 errors remaining.
I think there is a way to compile it's code.
I have read the release note of OpenTSPS 1.3.6, and it says that it is compatible with Openframework 0.8.0.
But OpenTSPS 1.3.6 is visual studio 2010 project ,  besides Openframework 0.8.0 is Visual Studio 2012 project.
So I have tried latest versions of them, OpenTSPS 1.3.8, and Openframework 0.9.x.
And I am getting these errors.
Can you kindly teach me how to compile it and what are the preferable versions of them?
It will be a great help to me if you answer to my questions.
I am attaching the error log here.